Digitalizing Performance with Wearables and Software

• What kind of relationship can be developed between a performer and light? • How does embodied technology enable this interaction?

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Designing through the Performer

Costume-led Artistic Research

• How can an advanced level of collaboration be established between costume designer and performers? • Can the actors’ performance be enhanced through creating an intimate relationship between actor and costume? • Can the costume be personal if designed through the actor?

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Costume Methodologies

Building Methodological Tools for Research in the Field of Costume Design

The main objective of the Costume Methodologies project was to propose methodological strategies to investigate the creation, production and function of costume in different areas of live performance (theatre, opera, dance, circus, other stage- or site-specific performance events) as well as in film, television and other camera-/media-based creative projects involving costume

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Zouzou Nicoloudi Costume Collection

A study and cataloguing of the costume collection of the archive of Greek dancer and choreographer Zouzou Nicoloudi (1917‐2004), based at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece.

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Interactive Opera at Primary Schools

Scenography and Costume as a Means for Youth Education

Interactive Opera at Primary Schools’ was a research project with a joint artistic and educational scope led and coordinated by the Greek National Opera (GNO).

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Costume in the Absence of the Body

Presenting costume in an exhibition context raises issues as to how to convey the original feeling of the garment within a new, usually motionless environment, due to the absence of the performer’s body.

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