Project team (in alphabetical order)

Tjaša Frumen (Aalto ARTS, Costume Design)

Mia Jalerva (Uniarts/VÄS, Lighting Design)

Emilio López (Aalto SCI, Computer Science)

Aliisa Rinne (Performer, circus artist)

In collaboration with Oscar Dempsey, Tiia Marie Karstu, Kalle Rasinkangas, Unto the dog

Digitalizing Performance with Wearables and Software

  • What kind of relationship can be developed between a performer and light?
  • How does embodied technology enable this interaction?

Digitalizing Performance with Wearables and Software was a project funded by the Aalto University Internal Seed funding scheme for ‘new multidisciplinary openings’, led by Professors Mario Di Francesco (Aalto SCI), Sofia Pantouvaki (Aalto ARTS) and Tomi Humalisto (UniARTS, VÄS).

During the project, a multidisciplinary group of students from the fields of Computer Science, Costume Design and Lighting Design worked together with a performer, a sound designer and a scenographer to explore possibilities of using 3D positioning data through a tracking system to control scenic elements, costume and sound. What is the visual, dramaturgical and performative impact of the performer’s body?

Based on experiments, the artistic research group developed a short interactive demo performance to be held on stage.